Our winery

Wine tavern
Slovenske gorice are a region well known for its fruitful vineyards and viniculture. You are kindly invited to visit our house, which is embraced by beautiful surroundings. Our winery is located 2 kilometers away from the main road Maribor – Gornja Radgona towards Jarenina. A breathtaking landscape with green hills and slopes will bring you to our friendly winery.

Two generations are occupied with the work on the farm. Father Srečko, mother Jožica, their son Silvo and daughter-in-law Alenka, who are both agronomists. The farm comprises 6 ha of own vineyards, which are between two and thirty years old, located on the South and South-West slopes of Jareninski Vrh and Slatinek. In the winery Yellow Muscat, royally scented Rhein Riesling, elegant Chardonnay, delicate White Pinot, inebriant Muscat Ottonel, grass-like aromatic Sauvignon, popular Welsh Riesling and jovial Grey Pinot are produced. Last but not least, there is a Traminer that for the last two years makes delight for all wine lovers across the world.

The process of care and cultivation is completed in our wine cellar. We inspire our work with the old traditions and experiences in combination with the latest discoveries of viniculture and wine trade.

We have bottled our vintage wine since 1984 and it has reached over 95% of the whole harvest. The first half of all bottled wines is the quality brand Jarenincan, while the second half is reserved for the first-class wines of regular and late harvesting, berry-grapes and dry berry-grapes selection and a selection of icy wine.

Varieties of wines are well accepted and we are successful all over the country as well as abroad. In Slovenia hotels and many restaurants and enterprises are supplied with our tasty wines. A great publicity for our wines abroad is made through the Slovenian Embassies abroad, which are the regular consumers. Our remarkable wines have been part of the wine market in the U.S.A for many years now, and we are still looking forward to continue spreading our good name with the first-class wines.